Friday, July 10, 2020

Tampa Bay Vegetarians Update July 2020

Dear TBV Members and Friends,

We hope you are all doing well during this unprecedented disruption to our lives because of Covid-19.  As you know, we have been unable to have any of our monthly dinners for several months.  Although many restaurants are now open, they are at 50% capacity and don't admit groups of over ten people.  As soon as we are able to safely get together again for one of our wonderful vegetarian meals, we'll let you know.  We had planned to have our first dinner following the interruption at Zom Hee because that was where we were going to have the March dinner before it had to be cancelled.  That restaurant may or may not be open for dining when we are able to get started again.  Right now, it is open only for take-out.  Also, if we do go there, we won't be able to have a family-style dinner.  As you know, all buffets are prohibited, and family-style meals will undoubtedly not be allowed either. 

We are long overdue for a Board and membership planning meeting, which we usually have once or twice a year.  We have them in the private "community room" at the rear of the Panera at the Bardmore Plaza in Seminole/Largo.  We'll notify you all as soon as we are able to have one of those meetings, and we hope you'll be there to help with planning.

It will be great to see everyone again!