Tuesday, April 12, 2022

April 27th Dinner - ZOM HEE

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The Tampa Bay Vegetarians invite you to a family-style dinner at ZOM HEE Chinese Restaurant on Wednesday, April 27, at 7:00 p.m.  Although our dinners have always been on the fourth Tuesday of the month, Zom Hee, which used to be open every day of the week, is now closed on Tuesdays.  Since it is one of the favorite restaurants of the members of our group, we have decided to make an exception in order to have one of our special meals there.  The cost of the dinner, including tax and tip, is $17.00 per person, and the menu will include:

                                Sour Cabbage Soup (no bean curd),

                                Vegetable Lo Mein,

                                Szechuan Broccoli,

                                Vegetable Delight (without pancakes),

                                Sauteed Mixed Vegetables,

                                Temple Favorite (a tofu dish),

                                Sauteed Green Beans,

                                Dry Noodles,

                                Steamed Rice,

                                Dessert: Fresh Fruit & Almond Cookies,

                                Hot Tea and Iced Water will be served.

Our guest speaker will be announced within a few days.

The restaurant is located at 9015 Park Boulevard in Seminole.  It is just a couple of blocks west of Starkey in the rear of a strip mall.  It is a large, comfortable restaurant with attractive Chinese d├ęcor.

You will check in with one of our members in the lobby and will then proceed to the cash register to pay for your meal.  This makes things easy when we are ready to leave, since we don’t have to wait to pay.  Also keep in mind that the tip is included.  Although hot tea and iced water are included in the price, other drinks are available for an extra charge.  You will pay the waiter for any drinks other than tea.

The yearly membership fee is $12.00 for one person and $15.00 for a couple who live at the same address.  Because the ongoing TBV members paid in 2020 for an entire year before the Covid virus closed everything down, they their membership to the end of 2022 is already paid.  New members will pay the pro-rated fee of $9.00 for one person and $11.25 for a couple.          

Non-members pay $2.00 each at the registration table.  If they decide to join the TBV before the end of the evening, the $2.00 already paid will be subtracted from the membership fee.  Our membership fees are used to pay for the dinners for our guest speakers, for the rental charge for a pavilion for our yearly picnic, for paper and ink for our flyers, etc..

All reservations must be made by Saturday, April 23.  If you need to cancel your reservation after that date, please contact Debby at 727-432-3327.

If you plan to attend the April 27 dinner, please sign up by going to our blog, http://www.tampabayvegetarians.com, and clicking on the CONTACT button.  We will look forward to seeing you!  All reservations must be made by Saturday, April 23.  If you need to cancel your reservation after that date, please call or text Debby at 727-432-3327.