Monday, July 4, 2022

July 26th Dinner - AMARTI THAI (PALM HARBOR)

Greetings Tampa Bay Vegetarian members and friends. We hope this finds you well. It's that time again to reunite for a TBV dinner. 

Are you ready to reunite and try once-per-month dining experiences of consistent and good-quality food? Are you ready to share and/or listen to others' experiences of their everyday life? Are you ready for the return of keynote speakers that motivate and inspire us on vegetarian, vegan, and overall health and wellness topics? Are you ready to give your opinion on and vote on the best restaurant of the year and join in on raffle drawings again? 

If so, we are getting together for a Thai dinner on Tuesday, July 26th, at 6:30 PM at Amarti Authentic Thai restaurant in Palm Harbor. This restaurant is vegetarian and vegan friendly and rated number one for Thai restaurants in Pinellas County. The dining room is well-decorated, and attractive, with a nice ambiance.  Seating will begin at 6:30 PM. You will check in and pay for your dinner at the cashier first after looking at the menu and choosing your specific sauce of saute, curry, noodle, or fried rice (several options are listed on the menu for each sauce, curry, noodle, and rice preference.) to compliment your choice of crispy tofu OR veggie dinner. The cashier will guide you through your options. 

As you know, The Tampa Bay Vegetarian members have been consistent (" marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity." like a consistent style of painting... something that stays the same.) with meeting up ...whether it be an official or a non-official dinner. The group has been meeting for dinners once per month for healthy dining experiences for over 30 years. The members are a group of members that are consistent with nourishing their souls and minds with healthy eating, healthy relationships, and continuing education on well-being. The TBV members haven't forgotten the things, people, experiences, and moments we have shared and will continue to share. Life is our blessing. Let's make the most of it now because it's all we are really guaranteed. The moments we share together are the greatest gift. 

With the TBV group, your strengths, challenges, and your hopes are accepted and seen through the eyes of love. Practicing consistency makes us focus and more aware of what we like to do. Great things happen to our minds and souls when people come together over common interests. The speakers encourage us with healthy ideas teaching us how to mentally and physically supply more healthy energy to our bodies, etc. Therefore, with the utmost pride for our group, we are bringing the keynote speakers back in August 2022. 

Let's move through our own pace/mood. Each of us is the chosen to choose our own way through self-care. With that, be part of the magic and love ( friendship and community)  and join us on July 26, 2022, at 6:30 PM. It is our understanding that the food at Amarti is very fresh, hygienic, and very tasty. 

So,... What's for dinner? Your choice of crispy tofu OR veggie style dinner with jasmine rice AND your one choice of 7 saute or 7 curry sauces, or a choice from 6 noodle styles, or a choice of fried or basil rice. The choice of saute or fried rice with veggie or tofu dinner is $21.00 and one of 7 curry sauce choices or noodle styles is $22.00 with the veggie or tofu dinner. The proportions are abundant in size, so you will be able to make two meals out of one and take the second meal home for lunch the next day if you wish to. 

Each dinner is prepared mild, medium, very spicy, or not spicy. Please specify to the cashier when paying at the register if spicy is preferred or not.  Water will be served. You will pay first at the cashier and choose your choice of sauce, noodle, or rice from the menu. You will choose if the dinner will be crispy tofu with veggie or veggie style dinner without tofu. 

Please go to the site to reserve your seat. The address of the restaurant is: 

Amarti Thai Restaurant
The Shoppes of Boot Ranch (in a shopping center)
328 East Lake Rd 
Palm Harbor

We are looking forward to seeing you there!