Thursday, April 22, 2021


 Dear Members of the Tampa Bay Vegetarians,

We seem to be emerging from a long period of isolation.  Several members have been in contact with us to say that they are interested in resuming our monthly vegetarian dinners.  Before we do that, we definitely need a planning meeting because we haven't gotten together for the past fourteen months and we have a lot to discuss.  The dinner at Queen of Sheba in Tampa in February of 2020 was our last dinner meeting.

We have had most of our planning meetings at the Panera of Bardmoor, which is located in Largo/Seminole at the corner of Starkey and Bryan Dairy.  They will allow groups once again to use the Community Room at the back of the restaurant, but they are limiting the number of occupants to 15.  We need to know how many of you are interested in resuming our dinners.  If so, how many of you are willing to attend a planning meeting?  It will be inside the restaurant, not outside.  Likewise, our dinners are almost always held indoors.  If that is a problem with you, let us know.  It is probable that most of our members are vaccinated against the virus, but we aren't sure of that.

We have been told that the Community Room is available every day of the week for the present, although it used to be available to reserve only on Saturday and Sunday.  PLEASE TELL US WHICH DAYS YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO MEET AND AT WHAT HOUR(S).  Contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you are all well.